The Shape of My Heart
(Ongoing work for final MA show in May ’10.)

Decorated Pearls:
(Pearls, nail transfer paper & botanical drawings)

‘Shepherds’s purse, stinging nettle, dandelion, goosegrass…’

The original thought behind this piece lay in the techniques of manicures and ‘nail art.’ In researching the methods of applying bespoke, sometimes elaborate, decoration to fingernails; I thought of using this same approach to apply sentiments or memories on to a piece of jewellery. The first piece was a pearl necklace decorated with a hand painted ‘daisy chain’.

This latest piece is inspired by the magical appeal of common weeds and wildflowers in childhood, from the special qualities of each plant to their unique names.

The necklace celebrates the learning and remembering of these names and qualities. By decorating pearls with an artifice of nature, this contrasting of precious gems with unwanted ‘weeds’ evokes both childhood and adult notions of value and preciousness.

Shell Earphones:
(sea-shells, earphone wire & optical screws)

This piece began as two small shells which I wanted to make into a piece of jewellery which would evoke childhood and make-believe. I instantly thought of how you would listen to the sea inside a shell as a child. Yet these shells were so small, they had to be earring, or maybe earphones? Being so small they also would not be able to convey any sound, but to perhaps amplify another source….?