The Shape of My Heart
(Screen-printed cotton jewellery kit)

This kit originated in a production project as a part of my Masters course. My objective was to design a piece of jewellery which people could make themselves using only one tool, one material and one method.

I chose to make a kit using fabric which people would stitch and stuff into shape. The kit would consist of a heart template and instructions printed onto a piece of red fabric, which they could cut into shape and use the excess fabric as stuffing; so no packaging required and no waste left over.

I tested the project out at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as part of the London Design Festival, where around 40 people created their own version to take home. The surprising aspect to this project was the extent to which each person’s brooch differed from the next one. This led me to dedicate an online gallery to all the different versions which people have made. There is now an online shop where one can purchase a kit at